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Post GDC 2012: using IKinema with PhysX and preview of MassFX 2013

Following presentations were held as part of GDC 2012 NVIDIA Game Technology Theather event on March 7.

First one is called '3ds Max with MassFX' and was presented by Chris Murray from Autodesk.

This talk was mostly focused on features under development, that are expected to be added in future versions of MassFX, like mCloth ' new clothing simulation solution.

mCloth is supposed to provide stable two-way interaction with rigid bodies, probably utilize GPU acceleration, support user-controlled tearing (through vertex selection) and include some interesting pressure simulation for balloon-like behaviour (for example, if you have holes in your mesh, balloon will deflate).

Second talk ' 'IKinema and PhysX ' Combining Physics with Kinematics for Realistic Off-Line and Run-Time Animation' ' was performed by Alexandre Pechev, IKinema.

Presenter has demonstrated several ways to enhance character animation in Maya, produced by IKinema (which is pretty advanced animation and riggid solution by itself, with support for features like IK or retargeting) with additional physically simulated body elements, like APEX Clothing garments or physical constraints, provided by PhysX plug-in.

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