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Default Re: Anybody have Security+, or Windows 7 MCTS?

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
Very true, I still think certs trump a degree in the IT field but I am no expert.
It really depends on what you're doing, the industry, and what level in the organization you're at. I work in Higher Ed, so to be in management you have to have a masters level degree or better. I want to be a CIO one day, so it's a logical step for me. If you're on the break/fix side or even the design part of the job, a technical school or certification is more than enough especially with added experience. If you're doing engineering, the BS/MS curriculum can be very useful. Of course experience is important - certs and degrees are the things that get your foot in the door. A job requirement is just that; a requirement.

When I'm hiring technicians I'll take someone with an A+ and MCTS than someone with a recent BS in CompSci in most cases. Of course, those other cases are when the CompSci kid has a great personality and work ethic. You can train any technical skill, you can't correct the behaviors of a person with a perpetually bad attitude.
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