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Do you happen to have any other systems you could try the GF4 in (you'd obviously want to keep the same OS and kernel, as much as is possible)?
Hmm, that would be a problem. But if it's the Geforce4 itself that is the problem (as in a hardware problem), crashes should occur on all platforms.

I think I'll try it on another workstation.

Were you running the same version kernel on your old motherboard? Might be worth a shot (your old motherboard, this kernel, and the GF4), if it's not too hard to get set up.
Wish it was that easy -- The old motherboard is in use in a production server. (Yes, it actually was an upgrade. :))

I don't think it is a kernel-bug anymore, since the GF3 works perfectly, and the GF2 Ultra I had in it before worked great as well. The same features (AGP etc) is enabled for both cards.

Might be a longshot, but I'm thinking busted memory on the GF4 right now.
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