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Default Re: Official Radeon 7800 series Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
That's a shame But not surprising at all to me. It's just sad that my experience with ATI drivers two year ago is still the same as today's for current AMD customers.
They haven't changed much.

I keep wondering why I give them chance after chance after having lots of problems over the past 3 gens.

Despite what the numbers may say in the reviews they don't tell the whole story.

With Crossfire 7950s I was getting around 55 fps in Skyrim with 4xSSAA with the HD4k texture mod enabled, tree shadows enabled, and shadow maps at 8194 when in thick forests.

On my 570 SLI setup (2.5GB) I'm getting that on a single 570 and around 90fps when in SLI at the same location.

And I know that Crossfire was scaling because it did play smoother than on a single 7950.. that is until the next screen loaded and it would stutter like crazy. I had to alt-tab every 5 minutes to keep it running smoothly.

Edit: Sorry.. I don't mean to derail the thread. Just felt compelled to warn some of you based on my experience with them.

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