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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

Personally I think it's inevitable. Sooner or later games will have 2 separate pieces to pay for (if not more) - SP and MP and I wouldn't be surprised to find that one won't work without the other. It's their way of saying "Look over here, we're not raising the price of a game, we're giving you 2 games!!!".

Capitalism requires perpetual, unending growth no matter how improbable, impractical or impossible that is. If you made 300 trillion in profit this year, 299 trillion in profit next year is unacceptable. They have a shrinking market and it couldn't possibly be the quality of the games (see 'if they made castle wolfenstein today' video) ... it's someone else's fault and therefore they have to come up with gimmicks.

The sad part is I know a few people in the industry and while the Gaming Software companies are looking to make more and more and more they clearly don't feel the need to have any of that trickle down to the people that actually put the work into making the games.


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