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Post GDC 2012: enhancing games with APEX

Following presentation was held as part of GDC 2012 NVIDIA Game Technology Theather event on March 9.

Session called 'Enhancing Games with APEX (Clothing, Destruction, Turbulence)' was presented by Aron Zoellner and Kevin Newkirk from NVIDIA.

Presentation has started with overview of APEX Clothing module using full-body clothing (tie, jacket, pants) on Bryce Wayne character from recently released Batman: Arkham City title as example. Dynamic clothing on Samaritan character was also demoed, but we had session about it at previous GDC already.

As a nice addition, few words were said about features of new clothing solver, introduced in PhysX SDK 3 (we expect it to appear in APEX Clothing 1.2):

  • Enhanced control over bending and shearing.
  • Enhanced control over high-energy dynamics.
  • Connected tapered capsule collision.

Second part of the session was focused on APEX Destruction, and how it was used to create destructible environments in Alice: Madness Returns game.

Several upcoming features for Destruction module were also revealed:

  • Tesselation.
  • Multiple interior materials per assets.
  • Fracturing by selected (ability to have pieces with different fracturing setting in one asset, like concrete and wood).
  • UV based cutout fracturing.
Unfortunately, only brief overview of APEX Turbulence module was given, but we can expect it to be integrated in UE3/UDK as well.

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