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Default Re: Official Radeon 7800 series Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
And nVidia's drivers are perfect when they launch new hardware?
Please don't put words into my mouth; I didn't say that.

Nvidia's drivers are not perfect, but from my experience they're much better than AMD's. I think I have a right to that opinion after owning a 2900XT, 4870 Crossfire, 4870X2 quad crossfire, 4890 crossfire, 5970 quad crossfire and 7950 crossfire and then from Nvidia a 7900GTX, 8800GTX SLI, GTX275 SLI and now GTX570 SLI. I have plenty of experience with both camps.

There's always a risk with being an early adopter, and I understand that. In fact I've resigned myself now to never be an early adopter again as I'm tired of playing beta tester. But the 7-series drivers at this point are in clear beta. I've never seen so many bugs on a launch. That card should not even be on the market right now until they work some of the driver bugs out.

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