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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
And the Apple haters/Fandriods have arrived, right on time!
Right on time? We gave you plenty of time to bask in your Apple smugness. You're such a hypocrite. Every time there's a thread about Android we have to listen to your soapbox speech about hating tinkering.

Vin - Without getting into a debate, my coworker who has a Galaxy Nexus regrets buying it. Constantly reboots and crashes or does something retarded on just about every ROM he tries, even running stock. So yes, HR could be saying something slightly different, but still negative.
Cool story. My brother and his girlfriend both have one, and they love it. I've played around with it as well, and I will be buying one in a month or two when my contract expires.

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
If we used that logic then the people who have an iphone and get random reboots/kernel panics it will happen to everyone who buys the phone. Though, I assume you don't have that problem on yours, which means no one else does too.
Yea, well these are the same people that think ATI drivers are "broken" because some incompetent people say so on an open forum board.

Obviously, if you like any product, you are instantly a fanboy...
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