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Default Re: Official Mass Effect 3 Thread

Just finished my first play through. I agonized over more decisions in this game than ME2. I lost my ME2 save long ago unfortunately, but I almost think ME3 may be a little better without it. I might miss out on some of the choices, but I think it really makes you think about the kind of sacrifices you might be willing to make.

I have to say that BioWare has quite nearly mastered the art of the FPS/RPG, taking the best of both and bringing them into synthesis, evolving it into a new genre of game play. The movement & cover system was very smooth in ME3, though at times I did find myself covering when attempting to access a terminal.

I played through as Paragon, so I'm interested to see what Renegade will be like.

I did run into a few bugs related to side quests (only on the Citadel for some reason) but I never had any of the main quests bug. Pretty good QC BioWare, best I've seen in awhile. Definitely a game I wouldn't think twice to recommend to friends, even those who have not played any of the ME series.
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