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Default Re: Nvidia Geforce 295.73 WHQL

Originally Posted by keLston View Post
So I looked into that post, looks to be a user submitted nvlddmkm issue (with a note of being unable to reproduce) which, for some reason, the poster localized to WoW and these drivers.

I installed this set when I noticed them here (probably within a day or two after release). I raid for 8 hours a week and i've yet to have WoW crash with these (nor did I have them crash with any other game i've played yet, Skyrim and League of Legends, though admittedly neither are "new" I guess).
It could have just been a random crash then.

I am using this set now for ME3. I can't believe all the problems people post about on the nvidia forums. I have never had a TDR. Usually when a game crashes for me it's a known issue with the game and not something with my system.
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