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Default Re: iphone 4s w/ ios 5.1 battery updates for ViN86

Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
Ok I'm back home now.
Was a nice little ride but a bit nipply.

Back to the phone... When I am away from home it drops a little quicker, I am guessing from it searching for a wifi signal? I need to disable wifi when I'm away from home and see how much of an effect it has.

3/11/12 45 hours off the charger with minimal useage and battery is at 53% this averages out to about 1% of battery useage an hour

Oh yea and ViN, I have but a lowly iphone 4s, if you want line graphs with predictive features, hypotheses about the added/reduced battery life, multiple lines with usage statistics, data usage, phone usage, gaming usage then you will have to type it into your super duper Android device, I'm sure it can spit all those out for you... if it doesn't crash or use up all the battery first.
lol or you could just use Excel

And yes you need to shut off your WiFi. I wish there were an easy toggle for you to use like on my Android device. But I'm sure you can navigate through 2-3 menus.
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