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Default Re: Official Radeon 7800 series Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
I'm not an "Nvidia fan," Vin. You should know this as I've been on this forum for a long time sporting setups from both camps. Look in my post above and you can see what all graphics configurations I've owned over the years.

I just feel that anyone who's looking to invest their hard-earned money into the 7-series has a right to know what the current status of the drivers are.

I'm sure they'll get better, but right now they're not in a good state.

I won't say anything else as I didn't mean to sidetrack the discussion. Just trying to help by offering some first-hand experience with the topic at hand.
My comment was plural: fans. You, slawter, and red are posting about drivers for different cards in a thread about the 7800 series. If you want to inform people, then please do it in the correct thread/subforum.
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