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Default Re: Official Alan Wake Feedback Thread

I found it in the Steam forums, a Remedy rep tells you how to activate it using the app launch flags.

Update 2 didn't quite make it to Steam this week, but we have a beta. And if you are interested in checking out where we are with the SLI support, it's theoretically possible. But to be clear: IT'S NOT READY OR FLAWLESS, there's some flickering with autoexposure and issues with the taken blur effect left.

The testing procedure would be as follows:
1) Add -beta AWBeta (case sensitive) to Steam client shortcut and restart Steam
2) Download the v1.03 update for Alan Wake
3) Copy steamapps\common\alan wake\alanwake.exe to AFR-FriendlyD3D.exe
4) Create a shortcut to AFR-FriendlyD3D.exe and add -gpucount=2 command line parameter - start game with the shortcut

With this version though it should be possible to create a SLI profile for AlanWake.exe that would work without the renaming trick.

Anyway, if you try it out, let us know what you think.

NOTE: With AMD Crossfire we recommend running as is - no beta, no tricks, no command line parameters, just using the AMD 12.1CAP3 AlanWake profile.
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