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Originally posted by The Baron
Tribes fanboys. They're completely full of ****--a friend of mine wanted me to build him a computer--a 2Ghz P4 with a gig of RAM, RAID, and a Voodoo3 for Tribes. I refused.
LOL! God, that's a good one. He could've at LEAST asked for a Voodoo 5! Or better yet, build him a 400 mhz computer with a Voodoo 3, and then bill him for a 2 ghz computer. He won't know the difference

Oh, and there are a few games that have better effects with Glide (or simply don't support D3D/OGL), but I'm not sure if Tribes is one of them. If you play Carmageddon 2 or Diablo 2 (well, before patches anyway), then the Glide wrapper might help, but for Tribes I don't think it's worth it.
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