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Default Dear Nvidia , Its to close 10 years, and still TwinView,Rotate, and SLI dont work

I have posted the below on the official nvidia forums 1381201

, but thougt it might also provide some value in this forum, here is the copy:

For forum members that agree, please +1 or bump


I just purchased a quadro 6000, and on all my Linux system using the branded nvidia driver, I cannot use two screens(twin view) and rotate only one of them(they both rotate)

As a business user i use multiple monitors and need to be able to rotate the view to different angles. I had this problem when i bought my first 9600 years ago , but i assumed that by now the famous Nvidia corp has already resolved this issue, obviously a big mistake on my part.

The only recommendation I see on the support site is to use Xinerama which is old, slow, and full of bugs. Why would you even provide this option in the driver when its so buggy?

The same functionality works fine on an ATI card , or if I use an open source driver.

Are nvidia cards only for playing games? and only on one screen?

For the cost of these cards they should just work, and work well.

Where do I file a bug on this serious issue, and what would be the expected resolution time?

Also is there a business oriented product manager rather then a gaming oriented one, that can collect this business oriented feedback as well as further feature requests ?

Maybe Nvidia is not aware but this is 2012, and business users do require proper openGL acceleration, VDPAU, as well as proper support for multiple monitors.

Looking forward to your reply,
Hi Shay - these forums are predominantly user-to-user with only a limited NVIDIA presence, and are intended to be used for GeForce support and discussion rather than Quadro.

If you bought the card with a machine, then support should really come from the vendor (i.e. Dell or HP) who will have their own technical contacts at NVIDIA for escalation. If the card was purchased separately from a reseller or supplier, then support for your card should come from the original manufacturer (which I imagine is PNY).

If you are a large corporate or enterprise customer, you may also have a direct technical contact at NVIDIA but I wouldn't have any clue who this would be.

There is also a Linux support forum here:

Hi Jim,

Thanks for replying.

I did check with Dell as well as searched all other sources of info, but the bottom line is everyone says its up to nvidia.

Here is a snippet from the readme of the latest linux nvidia driver (version 295.20)

SLI and rotation are incompatible. Rotation will be disabled when SLI is enabled.

TwinView and rotation can be used together, but rotation affects the entire desktop. This means that the same rotation setting will apply to both display devices in a TwinView pair.

so the formal nvidia postion is that this is a known issue, the problem is that it has been around for for quiet a while , i see posts from 2005 asking/begging for this fix.

This issue effectively makes buying a powerfull card with dual out, a waste of money , since 2 weaker cards will behave better...but then you run into the fact that SLI also doesnt work with these very simple layouts.

I think that this is a matter of product roadmap priority rather then anything else, looks like nvidia is more focused on bling for gamers then business users.

My gaming machine has a 9600 which runs very well on full hd with even the latest games , so I dont see the point of nvidia investing in stronger GPUs with frame rates so high that are beyond a normal person's perception even on my 58" tv, while they leave issues like screen rotation laying around for close to 10 years.

Warning... sarcasm ahead
The world has moved "lately" into a new concpet called cusotmer satifaction, even for major money making companies like dell, microsft, and others.
Seeing no official response on nvidia's formal forums both for linux and and the general ones like these one,tells me that nvidia does not have a customer centric mentality.
Maybe some product manager confuses, plug and play, with manufactur and forget.

I guess i am mostly angry with myselfe, since i knew about this problem from 5 years ago, but it never crossed my mind that it still wasnt fixed, and i went ahead without checking and ordered this quadro 6000.

I dont see myselfe buying another nvidia product in the future.

Thaks again for the reply and info,
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