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Default Re: iphone 4s w/ ios 5.1 battery updates for ViN86

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Yeah they should make stuff you need to use regularly quickly available.

iPhone users don't need to toggle Wireless, Bluetooth, GPS and so on. So no need to have a quick access switch.

Best part about this update, it even made the 3GS a lot quicker. Talk about supporting multiple generations of hardware! Unlike some Android partners
I never use BT so it's always off, Wifi is always on and I only use location services (GPS) when I need it (rarely). No need for toggles here, my battery does just fine and then some.

I haven't heard of any 3GS users and improvements around the net but that's pretty amazing. If it were Android, you would have to wait for someone to create a custom ROM, pray it works, go through multiple versions, pray some more and then deal with the issues that come along with it. No thanks. Tinkering ftl.
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