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Default Re: Official Mass Effect 3 Thread

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
Same here. I finished it last night and ...

I didn't like the ending. I mean I think the worst part about it is, your paragon/renegade rating didn't really contribute at all to your ending. I always thought that if you were to either go out of your way to be paragon or renegade, the ending wouldn't allow you to go opposite way just for the end after you crossed some threshold.

Also IIRC, only synthesis destroys the ME Relays or did I miss something? I chose the blue ending because after all that exposition explaining the choices, the only ending my Shepard would chose is controlling the Reapers and removing them. The ME Relays would remain in tact so as to not ruin the lives of everyone in the Galaxy and leave all these races fighting near earth stranded there. Synthesis was too costly a choice because it was forcing your ideals onto people by rewriting their DNA, then disabling the entire galaxy by destroying the ME Relays was an unacceptable option. Killing the Reapers wasn't an option for my Shepard since doing so would mean genocide for all synthetic beings like the Geth and Edi.

What else can you do to raise your Military readiness? I am pretty sure I did almost every quest, and explored most systems to 100% or close to it (missed getting some fuel tank wreckage here and there) and I was only at about 3200

Great point about paragon/renegade. The ending is basically exactly the same as the Deus Ex: HR "push button, get ending". Pretty lazy and disappointing. My mistake on relays - destroying the Reapers OR Synthesis destroys the relays, control does not. Personally I found all three choices awful, but I'd agree control is the best overall for the galaxy.

As for increasing your readiness, aside from collecting war assets, you have to improve your Galactic Readiness % by playing multiplayer. Seriously. The amount of time you spend in multiplayer affects the ending. Supposedly if your readiness is high enough (>5000) you'll see a 2 second clip showing Shepard surviving the ending. Other than that, all endings are nearly identical, with the main difference being that they're palette-swapped (seriously). Destroy = red explosion, control = blue explosion, synthesis = green explosion. The reapers are shown collapsing instead of flying away in the Destroy ending. Other than that there is no difference. The fate of Earth, the galaxy's inhabitants and their homeworlds is left up in the air. You have no idea what happens to your crew members.

Actually the more I think about it the more I hate the ending. Really kind of ruins the entire series for me.
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