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Default Re: Official Radeon 7800 series Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
The 7800 series will use the same drivers the 7950 does which is why I posted that in this thread. Felt it was relevant to the cards/purchase.
I understand that. We used to have threads for each driver release here so people could detail the problems they have with each driver version and which card. I think we should go back to that format. Feel free to create a thread.

Doesn't make sense to debate drivers in a thread dedicated to a card, namely its hardware capabilities. Then we won't end up with people discussing things not directly related to the card (e.g. the 6970 performance) or comments from others that don't even have experience with either the card or drivers. It will minimize clutter.

EDIT: Here's a driver thread

Also, if you own a 7800-series card and have specific issues feel free to post them in this thread or the general driver thread. Obviously if you don't own one, then you can comment about card-specific details as well or post links/info.
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