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Default Re: Official Mass Effect 3 Thread

Earth gets destroyed if you have a low readiness. Which actually doesn't make much sense since the Red Glow is meant to destroy Synthetic life, why would it destroy the planet earth because you have fewer ships in orbit. The crucible has to provide more power because there are more alive reapers in orbit? Sorry don't buy it.

Also agreed about normandy, why would they have flown off? Taken a mass relay to get out of there? Granted they might not be sure what the wave does but it doesn't seem like a choice joker or edi would make

Deus Ex may have had a few push button endings but it had some different movies at the end to reflect the different outcomes. ME3 just has a different color and a few small changes. There are certain aspects before the end movies I enjoyed, but I think the real lack of options, the lack of your previous choices having any real effect on things makes it a poor ending

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