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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by Cylphid View Post
I totally agree. I thought all the negative feedback so far would sway MS, but apparently they know what we want better than we do.
The only place I seem to see a lot of negative feedback is from comments and forums. If you read well written articles by tech journalists there is a lot more positive feedback.

I'd say you really want to learn metro because you'll be supporting it on a lot more than just desktops. Windows 8 is definitely going to be needed for laptops to be able to compete with devices like the Transformer Prime. If I had a device like that running Windows 8 it would be simply amazing. I could definitely see laptop makers really start pushing touch screens to help sell new laptops, so it only makes sense to have Windows 8 to fully utilize them.

Like Slawter said, the anandtech review is definitely worth a read. There are a whole lot of other neat features in Windows 8 that are going to be worth upgrading for. I might start using the backup software now that it supports something similar to Time Machine. If you don't know what that is it's a piece of software on OS X that saves all of your changes and lets you revert back to any point in time. Think of it as incremental backups for all of your files where you can revert a file back to an older date. It's definitely a good piece of software and a welcome addition to have something like it in Windows. One other thing I learned was another way search is faster on Metro. If you're on the start screen simply start typing and it will start searching for you.
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