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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by Cylphid View Post
Has your company already decided to use 8?

I've decided to dl this and learn what I can of it. We won't be migrating, but I'm sure some customers will, so I may as well get a jump on it.
Our company tries real hard to stay on top of the tech game, so we will install it just mainly to be familiar with it. Most guys won't take the time to keep a VM on hand for fun.

I'm not sure if we will recommend it or not, but I'm sure that people will go out to their Best Buy stores, buy the cheapest thing and expect it to work perfectly on their corporate network. We still gotta support it.

Either way, I think Win8 will do just fine once users get used to it. It's basically Win7 with the Metro UI. And heck, find a way to disable Metro and you'll have a rocking OS.
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