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Post Post-GDC 2012: NVIDIA APEX Showcase

NVIDIA has uploaded a set of demontrational videos, which were used to showcase features of NVIDIA APEX toolset, its authoring capabilities and games integrations examples at GDC 2012.

APEX Turbulence Module

We find APEX Turbulence demo particularly impressive, since particle simulation of such magnitude and complexity (scene contains up to 180 000 particles combined) is yet to be seen in games, while it can be used to create new generation of realistic smoke, dust and explosion effects.

It is good to see that this module has finally reached production stage. Turbulence is promised to be released as part of APEX 1.2

APEX Destruction Module

This video showcases assets authoring and real-time destruction using updated Art Gallery demo and Alice: Madness Returns title as examples.

APEX Clothing Module.

APEX Clothing can be used not only to simulate character clothing itself, but also to create great environmental cloth assets, like interactive banknotes, posters or rugs in recent Batman: Arkham City title.

If you are interested in Clothing module, following presentation from GDC contains far mode details.

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