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Default Re: Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I'm still annoyed how some of the updated editions work on Steam.

I bought GTAIV for $5 in a sale.
I wanted Episodes, but when it went on sale GTAIV Complete Edition was cheaper. I couldn't buy Complete as Steam showed me already owning it as Complete had officially replaced GTAIV standalone at some point. Steam support cannot budge on price so I went elsewhere.

I didn't really blame anyone, it's probably Rockstar struggling with Steams limitations on top of regional restrictions.

I still think Steam is the number one platform and wish EA/Origin would make a deal and merge.
From what I understand cause I spent way too much time in their help forums, is you can contact support to remove GTAIV from your account permanently, then you could probably buy the complete edition again when it goes on sale. But you'd better double check that with steam support because the post I read was about removing a game permanently from the account and steam support will do that for you, but there was no intent to buy the game again from the poster as they hated it, so you can't be sure if maybe it's still flagged as bought in your account. It wouldn't have helped you during a sale unfortunately, since they take so long getting back to you that you'd have to do it before a sale happens.

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