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Default Re: Choice between two AMD CPU's for ITX build, need advice

Just to update I ended up missing both CPU's sales and ended up with an AMD X4 910E for $100. With a 135 W power supply at full load:

CPU 65 W
ITX motherboard 10 W (minus ?? W when IGP disabled with a discrete video card)
1 stick of 4 GB DDR3 sodimm 3 W
slim DVDRW 5 W
2.5" 500 GB 7200 RPM HD 5 W
2x 80 mm fans 3 W

So I have 50 W to play with. Only a low profile video card can fit this mini-ITX case. Was hoping for a 6670 DDR5, but I might have to reduce it to a 6570 DDR3.
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