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Red face Transistor knocked off on PCB, how can it still be running?

I was doing some cleaning of the bookshelf and while sweeping one level something clattered on my hardwood floor. To my surprise it was a transistor (coffee brown rectangle with silver ends). I used to put all my redundant video cards there going back years.

I have a retro P3 1 GHz running an Asus GeForce2 GTS 32 MB AGP video card. It's running games like Quake2/3, Quake Live, Wolfenstein ET, late 90's OpenGL stuff. Also used for downloading.

So I was curious and took out the video card. Sure enough, one of the transistors on the back of the video card GPU core was knocked out. The missing transistor matched.

How can this video card be even running? Especially one of the GPU core transistors? This is a video card that has been running for a few years now!

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