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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

Originally Posted by G@merX View Post
I mean't it's shoddy to keep a fan base waiting 2+ years for a release date and then take away an important feature to get the game out, yet still give no release date information.

I feel like this game is coming from valve rather than blizzard with the way things are being handled.

I'm all for them taking their time and making sure something is done right. I just think the way they're going about it is questionable at best. Stop dicking around your fanbase and just give some concrete information already.
What is with you people?! You make it sound like they are getting a bunch of people in a secret room and deviously planning how they can stick it to the people who are going to pay for the game.

They don't want to set a release date until they know for sure when they will be complete. It is MUCH better to do that than to set a date and keep delaying it. If they had done that, I would hate to see what all of you bitter, uptight, entitled griefers would say then!

Chill out. I bet we hear a firm release date on Monday, the 19th. And I bet it is going to be 4/17 as was already leaked (although it could just as easily be the week of the 17th since Blizzard normally doesn't release on Thursdays).
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