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Default Re: iPad 3/HD Event

I can understand waiting in line with people who are also fans. I've only done it twice myself. They were only short waits though. One was for Crysis, bout an hour in a busy store. It was ok, but most guys there were bragging about all the games they pirate and how the graphics suck on all games .PC fanboys for you ::. The second time was Halo 3. I only did that to make up the numbers for my mate at EB. That was 3 hours. It sucked, no one talked to anyone really. Halo fanboys :: They only talk when there is a mic to scream into.

I remember the last iPad release. TNT delivered early, you'd think people would be happy, but they mostly got complaints because it arrived on the day they DIDN'T take of work... FFS, TNT will redeliver for free, just go online tick the box and it'll be there the day you expected.
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