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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

Originally Posted by G@merX View Post
Gee that's funny cause I swear in my post I wrote I have no problem if they want to take their time with the game.

All us bitter gamers are tired of all you bitter forum lurkers that are nothing but internet, keyboard tough guys. Seriously. You sit there and judge me for my issues with the company, as if your judgement on me makes you any better. lmao

I accept my nerdness. Yes, I'm ticked they keep stating vague comments, for 2 years now. And as I'm a paying customer, I would like to be shed a little light on the subject. I don't need a day and hour, just tell me 2012 for sure and I'd be content.

God forbid all you self-righteous forum tough guys could allow *gasp* an opinion to be stated and leave it alone, on a forum where opinions are meant to be had. Trolls, following people around with judgments and insults toward people that simply want to partake in a conversation, to lift your spirits and briefly give the illusion your life isn't a mud pit when you click the log off button. Pffft. Whatevs.
Being tough guy has nothing to do with it. I didn't threaten you. I am only pointing out that gamers like you constantly cry about every single thing in a hobby that is nothing more than zapping pixels. And you can have all the opinions you want. My opinion is your opinions are silly. Maybe you are just too thin-skinned for forums.
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