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Default Re: How real people will use Windows 8 on the desktop

Originally Posted by TheOneAndOnly View Post
The point is, when someone buys a computer set up with Windows 8, after using the same UI/UX for 17+ odd years, and finding everything changed around (and not for the better), there is going to be some bad mojo coming from the non-geek users.

Face it, Metro just does not fit on a non-touch environment. It has been cobbled into the keyboard/mouse environment not because it is easier or simpler. It is certainly not to the majority of users. It is a difficult environment to have to do any kind of serious work in.
For instance, I typically use search to open apps or find files that I commonly work with, in this manner; Win-key > type first few letters > enter. I may have to key down a couple of times to select if not the first item.
Doing this, I rarely have to even take my eyes off of my work or can be concentrating on something else while doing that.
Now notice the changes under Win 8. Hitting Win-key takes you to the Start Screen. Typing the first few letters takes me to the search screen. Notice that I have to key down to Apps/Settings/Files and select that, then select from the file I am looking for.
This whole process is extremely jarring, inefficient, and extremely unnecessary compared to the old way. It does not make it simpler nor easier.
WIN + <type> = search everything
WIN + F = search files
WIN + Q = search applications

I'm not arguing that the new Start menu is not initially a bit jarring, it just might take a little effort to adjust to it.
I also understand and approve of what Microsoft is trying to accomplish, providing the same general experience whether you are on a phone, tablet, or PC.
I also have no doubt that developers are going to create applications which will make Windows 8 virtually identical to Windows 7 with regards to productivity, including the legacy Start menu.
Of course we also have yet to evaluate the final product, which this preview is definitely not.

Regarding multiple monitors, I've been running dual since I installed the preview, and have no problem whatsoever with it.
WIN + <page up> swaps the task and charm bar between monitors, WIN + <c> brings up the charm bar...
It's really worthwhile learning the keyboard shortcuts.
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