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Default Re: Official Mass Effect 3 Thread

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
spoilers are all hidden alteast.

I hate to say it but I am getting frustrated with the game abit. Only a couple hours in and they allready send waves of mechs and auto turrets that takes gobs of ammo to blow out. My big beef is the cover system. With all these rapid hitters, if you arn't behind cover you quickly get mowed down... but there is no god damn crouch button! the only way to cover is to press the all encompassing space bar which could pretty much do ANYTHING random while up against something. It pisses me off and makes me wish I was playing MW3.
I'm feeling the same way. I hate the "unlimited enemies until some checkpoint is reached" tactic they use. It just keeps spawning enemies until some criteria is met. As the years go by, I buy less and less games. I think I'm just getting old and tired of gaming. Don't get me wrong, ME3 is a good game, but my patience is much lower with games these days.
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