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Default Re: How real people will use Windows 8 on the desktop

Originally Posted by Melfranks View Post
WIN + <type> = search everything
WIN + F = search files
WIN + Q = search applications
Mel, I knew about those 10 minutes after they were implemented. You're missing the point...

I'm not arguing that the new Start menu is not initially a bit jarring, it just might take a little effort to adjust to it.
Why must I get used to an unnecessary and annoying distraction?

I also understand and approve of what Microsoft is trying to accomplish, providing the same general experience whether you are on a phone, tablet, or PC.
And why would this be a good thing? Is Apple doing this with iOS and OSX? Not to my knowledge. And yet people get along with all of those just fine. You would not want the iOS UI being forced upon you, and vice versa. Why? Because one does not necessarily work well with the other. Apple knows this. MS obviously hasn't caught on to that fact.

I also have no doubt that developers are going to create applications which will make Windows 8 virtually identical to Windows 7 with regards to productivity, including the legacy Start menu.
Of course we also have yet to evaluate the final product, which this preview is definitely not.
And if such a thing were to be used widespread, it would prove that MS was wrong in forcing us to use Metro on the desktop in the first place. Which would validate my point.
And yes, it is not the final product. But Sinofsky has gone on record as saying that it is essentially feature complete at this point.

Regarding multiple monitors, I've been running dual since I installed the preview, and have no problem whatsoever with it.
WIN + <page up> swaps the task and charm bar between monitors, WIN + <c> brings up the charm bar...
It's really worthwhile learning the keyboard shortcuts.
I know kb shortcuts, and use them. I am not complaining about the shortcuts, I am complaining about the fact that certain modes and usages make hot corners almost useless. Again, bad design. They may of course fix this by RTM. We'll see.
I am also complaining about the oversized interface that we are forced to look at when in desktop mode. It is incredibly distracting and ugly, not to mention that it ruins ones workflow. Again, I don't see the problem they are trying to fix on the desktop.
Also, a great majority of windows users do not use keyboard shortcuts. For many casual users, it is not comfortable to do so.
Changing something for the sake of change alone is bad design. Everyone knows this. While small incremental changes may mean little (for example, changing the color of the windows bitmaps, etc), changes like this need to have a very good reason to exist. And while it may be great for tablets and phones, it is absolutely worthless on a non-touch interface.
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