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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by Cylphid View Post
Well, after some time with this, I have to say I believe removing the orb was a huge mistake. It isn't that anything is difficult to find or use, it's that nothing about this interface is intuitive at all.
Considering that they are trying to jam in two entirely different OS's into one, why would it be more intuitive? Thats the part I have trouble discerning. It makes no sense to do so.

Everything from installation to configuring multiple monitors was reasonably painless, and everything about this OS from file transfers to extracting just seems snappier and smoother.

Metro has a good deal of functionality from reviews I've read, but using them just doesn't feel right - maybe it will grow on me, but I don't think so.

It's just not an efficient start menu for the average user.
I like the internal fixes that they have implemented. The new taskbar, file transfers, storage options, all sound great. But in the meantime, other than a few new functions and tweaks, the classic desktop feels like no more than a SP1.
And yes, the removal of the start button will confuse many, even experienced windows users. Why they are trying to alienate 90% of those who will use this OS (non-touch users) is beyond me. They are once again trying to copy Apple in all the wrong ways... as usual

Many people believe that Apple is merging the OSX and iOS UI's. That could not be farther from the truth. While they are adding iOS apps and gestures to OSX, they are only doing so where it makes sense. And yes, I hate the new calendar and address book skins. But the gestures are entirely an alternative method, not required. Other than that, there is little change in the OSX UI and workflow.
Mac, iPhone and iPad all have different interfaces which work for them, even if there are some similarities where they make sense. And people do not have a problem using them, because they take advantage of the uses for that particular device.
But MS mistakenly believes Apple will eventually merge OSX in iOS to be the One OS for Apple. And so they are apparently trying to beat them to the punch.
In essence, they are going to end going where the puck never will.

BTW, for those that do not know, I use Windows XP/7 at work, Window 7 and sometimes Lion at home, along with iPad 2 and iPhone 4. But I am primarily a Windows user due to games and windows apps that I use. I primarily use my Mac for hobbyist photo and multimedia work.
I am also an IT hardware/software support tech, both a contractor at a major corporation, as well as owning a business supporting home users and small businesses. So I would like to disabuse some of you of the notion that I am an Apple fanboy. I love using Windows 7, and have been a windows user since Windows 2.0. I should also tell you that by my typical usages and experience, I am not against using different OS's and UI's.
However, this release I am likely skipping, although I may run it in a VM just to keep up with the eventual support calls I will be receiving. And if they decide to stay with Metro on the Desktop, then I may be forced to move more of my work to the Mac.
I have not been so disapointed with Microsoft since Windows ME came along. And that was only a temporary glitch soon to be ignored. Hopefully the same can be said of Windows 8 and Metro on the desktop computer.
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