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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
Why would you use a sword on a monk anyway? All his attacks are punches or kicks. Which is probably why they're animated that way.

There are certainly things I could pick apart about the game, but it seems like it will accomplish what it's set out to do, which is be a sequel to Diablo 2. Besides the Beta is restricted to the first chapter and a low character level. The core gameplay systems seem to be well-designed.
Because at that time I found a sword that did far more dmg then my fists and their wraps did so I thought it would increase my DPS. If they never intended for a monk to use a sword why allow them to equip them and show how poor the animation system is in the game? Diablo 2 didn't allow classes to equip items that were not intended for them.

I think this is a horrible successor to Diablo 2 which was amazing. They went backwards on a lot of aspects. The only complaint I can't make is regarding the graphics which I do enjoy actually.
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