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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by TheOneAndOnly View Post
Considering that they are trying to jam in two entirely different OS's into one, why would it be more intuitive? Thats the part I have trouble discerning. It makes no sense to do so.
I couldn't agree more. My hope is a refinement by RC time that someone who has no computer skills to speak of will be able to just look at and figure out easily, I'll post a good example down below.

I like the internal fixes that they have implemented. The new taskbar, file transfers, storage options, all sound great. But in the meantime, other than a few new functions and tweaks, the classic desktop feels like no more than a SP1.
And yes, the removal of the start button will confuse many, even experienced windows users. Why they are trying to alienate 90% of those who will use this OS (non-touch users) is beyond me
. They are once again trying to copy Apple in all the wrong ways... as usual
Yes...nothing to add there

Originally Posted by Melfranks View Post
Just sharing some simple shortcuts with Cylphid, not sure what grandma has to do with it.

This isn't going to be some "find the options with no guidance, good luck" game at release, there will be getting started tutorials.
Two minutes explaining the corner hot spots and its simple from there.
This idea that everyone is a complete moron and wont get it is absurd.
Thanks for the tips. I guess a better way to clarify my position is this. I work both home and business end users (I'm not an IT, but somewhat related) and field huge amounts of questions about simple configurations (how do I find my IP address, just switched to cable from DSL and can't get online)...that sort of thing, very simple stuff if you know where to look.

I installed Win 7 on a good friends laptop a while back and she dove right in, no issues coming from XP other than "this looks different"

I had shown her a Ubuntu install (Gnome desktop) some time ago, as well as an open suse DT, and again, she had it all figured and was doing her thing within 5 minutes.

I sat her in front of the preview at the log in screen (the initial screen you have to move) last night. She clicked everywhere, rt clicked, hit escape etc...I finally showed her how to move it and log in.

Up comes Metro. She clicked on the desktop, opened ie, browsed a second, and asked me what to do. I showed her the charm bar, keyboard shortcuts etc.

Instant hate She's quite intelligent, a bit better schooled than *many* of the home users I work with, and wants absolutely nothing more to do with it. Too clunky and hard to use, she says.

I hope they streamline a lot of the interface for PC users prior to release, I really do. It's the average, non forum browsing, non geeky types I'm thinking of, and the pain they will cause myself and the more educated in PC related fields.
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