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Default Re: 295.20 segfaults a game *UNLESS* i launch with gdb ?? - previous drivers fine...

Originally Posted by interzoneuk View Post
How do I follow the bug report ? Or is it just for internal use (i.e I should wait until the next driver is out?)
As far as I can tell from my experience of reporting the bugs on this forums: this bug ID is an internal nVIDIA thing that we haven't got access to and thus can't track progress for. So your best bet would be to ping this thread once per month with messages like "any news on bug ###?" and hope that it would eventually be fixed after a while.

As for your issue: crashes, related to 295.20 drivers, also happen in a bunch of other libGL-using apps, most of them are windows games running under Wine. For example, Rage had been working perfectly with drivers 280.x, and now with 295.20 it segfaults on start. So hopes are nVIDIA would be pretty quick to fix this show-stopper bug.
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