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Default Flash 11.2+Nvidia GPU+Youtube=Inverted red/blue

Sorry, I was not quite sure the best place to post this but Nvidia should know that the final version for flash for Linux will have a negative impact on there products i want Nvidia to know about this since they may have some leverage with adobe

Awhile back adobe and Nvidia teamed to to get hardware acceleration in flash on Nvidia GPUs, in flash 11.1 if is possible to get some functional hardware acceleration (via rendering) on Linux and it works properly however adobe has managed to break this in version 11.2 [adobe bug report] and they decided they don't want to fix it (even though they said 11.2 will be the final supported Linux release) The reason Nvidia should care is this issue only happens if you are using a Nvidia GPU so people could just get a Radeon GPU instead and not have any issue there for it is feasible this could impact sales (and RMA rate) of Nvidia GPUs. Getting hardware acceleration in flash was the main reason i purchased a Nvidia GPU over a Radeon GPU (i have got a GT 430 and a GTX 550 TI witch is a total of about 200 USD in hardware)

If I were a CEO at Nvidia I would feel like i was getting stabbed in the back by Adobe with this. If i was a CEO at Nvidia i would tell Adobe "I don't care if you drop Linux support just don't cost us sales doing it" and citing the bug link i posted above

If It effects flash videos on YouTube how many other videos web sites does it effect?

In-case you care the color issues shows up under default software settings. That bug was reported during flash 11.2 beta 4 and closed during beta 5

The purpose of this post is hope that Nvidia will be able to get Adobe to do what they said they would and provide support for flash 11.2 (namely fix a issues that affects Nvidia products)
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