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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 5xx thread"

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
Bought a GTX560Ti for $300 at Best Buy. Was over priced but its the price you pay if you want it now and the ability to return without hassle.

Mainly bought it to test/play MS Flight Sim X. So far frame rates are lower in most cases by about 10fps BUT the frame rate is smooth as butter, not all herky jerky, stuttery and frame skippy like my 6970 is.

Overclocks like a mother too. I'm easily at 1000 core and 2200 mem with volts a 1.080 at temp max of 76c
What brand did you get? If it's eVGA you should be eligible for a step up when the 6xx series launches.

The 6xx series should be launching soon, you may want to return it and wait a couple of weeks, especially at that price.
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