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Post Dota 2 Test Build Update - March 15, 2012

- Fixed units getting stuck in terrain.
- Fixed escape not closing in-game chat like it used to.
- Fixed sound not muting when Dota 2 loses focus.
- Fixed bug with copying text from another app into Dota 2.
- Fixed minimap to no longer display explored/unexplored.
- Fixed Shadow Demon always being available in Single Draft.
- Fixed Demonic Purge not removing Insatiable Hunger.
- Fixed Shadow Demon applying an additional Shadow Poison attack from Disruption.
- Fixed Shadow Poison visual effect giving vision of invisible units.
- Fixed Disruption illusions not attacking their target by default.
- Fixed Shadow Poison hitting Roshan/Ancients.
- Fixed Unstable Current damage values.
- Fixed Headshot proc damage.

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