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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
The SSD is my boot drive. I've 3 other HDDs- a 320 dedicated to Steam (which is almost full), a 500GB which has all of my documents, music, family pictures and videos, as well as iTunes movies on it, then a 640GB I mostly use for VMs and such.

Hoping to be getting a *much* larger SSD for my boot drive her before too much longer.
With an SSD that small you ought to push your users directory to an HDD. I did that with my server (uses a 32GB SSD for the OS and all apps) and it is sitting with about 14 gigs free with a few dozen apps installed.

I have four HDD's in that system, the SSD for the OS and apps, a 3TB and 1.5TB for videos and downloads, and a 160GB HDD for scratch space for rar/par2 processing. Makes for one hell of an efficient machine for running XBMC and WMC while also being my sabnzbd and sickbeard server. (sabnzbd beats the hell out of torrents by a long shot btw - no comparison whatsoever)

With that server I can be doing multiple things at once without any one thing slowing down another thing, and that server does a TON of multitasking.
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