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Originally Posted by Vanzagar View Post
Hey thanks Redeemed, that's exactly what I'm looking for... I like it!

You spec'd the 3300 but mentioned the 3400, which is only $5 cheaper was wondering why? Looks like the GPU clock speed is significantly better:

Any other suggestions appreciated....

Anyone see any decent deals on discount deal sites?
I was just going as cheap as I could go, only reason I listed the 3300 over the 3400. I doubt the difference in GPU speed would be noticable to your parents given what you said they'd use the computer for. However, it is only $5 more and I do have first-hand experience with that 3400 so I can vouch it's a great buy for that price.

I don't know what kind of games you play, but if you're familiar with League of Legends, my buddy played that @ 1920 x 1080, all in-game options maxed, and it hovered between 45 and 60 fps with just that 3400. No add-in graphics card. I was rather impressed. I know League of Legends isn't the most graphically demanding game but still, just didn't expect that much from such a little gpu. As to the CPU it's no i7 3960X, but it'll be a nice jump over their previous 939 based system.

That same friend who I just built that A4-3400 based rig for his dad- he's currently gaming on a rig using my old Opteron 185 (fastest s939 Opteron, comparable to the FX-60 minus the unlocked multiplier, identical to it in every other way) and there is a huge difference between that old Opteron and the dual cores in that APU. The APU is noticeably snappier and more responsive all around, be it in a game, loading a game or program, or just clicking around the desktop browsing the web, watching movies and such.

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
I have an old p4 mobo and cpu that i can send you for free as is
Or, you could go free and rock that old P4 and mobo DB has. I have some old s939 CPUs and mobos laying around as well only thing is, I couldn't guarantee any of them. I'm sure the old CPUs are fine (I have several of the dual core opterons- a 165 and then the 175, if I recall correctly) but the motherboards, I'm not sure if any of them work. I'd feel bad sending you something to either not have it work on arrival, or work fine for 6 months then crap out on you. Always run that risk with older parts.
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