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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

LOL captain moron to the rescue!

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
Personally I think it's inevitable. Sooner or later games will have 2 separate pieces to pay for (if not more) - SP and MP and I wouldn't be surprised to find that one won't work without the other. It's their way of saying "Look over here, we're not raising the price of a game, we're giving you 2 games!!!".
You know, if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
Capitalism requires perpetual, unending growth no matter how improbable, impractical or impossible that is. If you made 300 trillion in profit this year, 299 trillion in profit next year is unacceptable. They have a shrinking market and it couldn't possibly be the quality of the games (see 'if they made castle wolfenstein today' video) ... it's someone else's fault and therefore they have to come up with gimmicks.
Right, communism is so much better. I mean look the communists gave us tetris! What game is better than tetris? Obviously communism is better because of tetris.

Seriously dude, lay off the amphetamines. You don't know a damn thing about how business works. A business is always going to look for more ways to improve its income if not diversify in some way. Businesses that don't change eventually die. I believe in evolution myself, and while I'm sure your god may tell you otherwise, species that don't change die too. As you can see, capitalism is in harmony with nature, whereas your planned socialist economies are not, hence why they always do a face plant after no longer than a decade.

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
The sad part is I know a few people in the industry and while the Gaming Software companies are looking to make more and more and more they clearly don't feel the need to have any of that trickle down to the people that actually put the work into making the games.
Actually if you look at a lot of the smaller game producing shops (you know, where the producers ARE the developers,) they tend to follow a lot of the same trends of what the larger shops are doing. Gaming is actually moving more towards casual play found on smartphones and tablets, and for the games that are only practical on legacy platforms, it is moving more towards a free to play micro-transaction model.

The model of paying $60 for a 40 hour game is dying. You may not like it, but that is reality.

And jcrox, please say something that isn't stupid for once, I know you can do it.
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