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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Starcraft 2 on it's own is awesome. Not sure who really bought that game for SP anyways.
MP isn't fun in SC2, it's all rush rush rush. I like to take my time, build an actual base before being decimated 10 mins into every game. Diablo 3 I'm passing on anyways, looks like ass, forced online DRM, real money transaction AH. No thanks Blizzard, for a game that's been in development for so long I can't see why, it looks absolutely 2004ish graphically and they ripped half the sound effects out of Diablo2. Blizzard has the absolute worse project management skills in the entire industry that they need to take 10 years to push out a rehashed sequel.
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