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Default Re: [BUG] NVIDIA 295.17 switching to TTY display is turned off, nvidia 8600m

Oh additionally to my comment #15 :

Besides the black screen / no signal in VT[1-6] behaviour, I get randomly kicked from X (this is when I get these error message above), when I'm using latest KDE4.8.1. And it is totally random: X crashs after 2 min, X crashs after 6 hours desktop idling, X crashs after 1 hour Adobe flash video playback and then 3 days without any problems - except the black screen VT issue of course.

I am using

- xorg-server 1.11.3 resp. 1.11.4
- vesafb
- mesa 7.11.2 resp. 8.0.1
- kernel 3.2.1 and now 3.2.11

Geforce GTS 250 , gentoo ~x86
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