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Default Re: Official Radeon 7950 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
Thanks, is it a good board ? I really need to split these cards up. I'm at 1100/1575 and the fans are just to loud at the moment. Am I missing something ? I thought you had 7950 XF ????
It's been a little finicky so far, but I have it running good now. To start with, the BIOS was outdated (1202) and didn't support the 2700k. But copying the ROM to a USB was easy with the EZ Flash utility inside the BIOS.. worked great.

Had some problems getting the USB 3.0 to recognize my wireless adapter. Broke out the USB cable included with my adapter and it works now. Just can't plug straight into it.

I had 7950 XFire but decided to get out due to a lot of issues I began having with my games, Skyrim in particular. Skyrim is taking up most of my time right now and XFire stutters like crazy on it.

Hope you have better luck with yours. I have three 570s now.

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