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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

They patched Sunwell Plauteu into WoW for free, and Black Temple was originally going to be the last raid in TBC, except people progressed through it too fast, for it to hold over till the, then new expansion. I'm not sure they'll charge for it. And yeah, it does make sense to hold off, if the PvP isn't quite there, on putting it in.

I've been to the d3 forums (have the WoW annual pass, so get the thing free essentially, with that; oh well for the $5 down I put at Gamestop. In any case, people were complaining about arenas, and how they don't like them in WoW. Others were ready to throw a fit about no release date, until one got announced. Some are now throwing a fit about the PvP. And others are throwing a fit that d2's original PvP system isn't in place, because they demand the right to PK and grief others.

Naturally when the former PK was talking about how "great it is", others chimed in with a "thanks for letting us know what we're dealing with. Actually we hated people like you" This really is something for which, someone, on some side is going to complain no matter what they do...

But as an aside, there is a way around this, for which some might think about whether they'd want to cancel their orders. Blizzard has decided they can't beat all those farmers, so to put a RMAH in play. One doesn't have to buy off it, to sell on it, and gold can yes be sold. This gives me an idea, of how one who was never a farmer, never one of those dratted spammers who annoy us all, could simply slip in, and get bliz to pay themselves from the RMAH I wonder if bliz thought how shrewd some players might be in this, and in the end, using game item auctions, to pay for game content, items, subscriptions doesn't feel as dirty, as getting real bucks might. Afterall, one's using a now approved game economy, to help pay for, well more game stuff This might deserve it's own thread though; but kinda puts a twist on the money making arguments.
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