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Default So, d3 RMAH, I wonder if Bliz (or how many players) thought of these possibilities

OK, so there's an "advanced option" to connect a paypal account, and have it cash out for real money, but the default is money on the account. I'm presuming that money on the account can be used to buy anything from bliz, and not just the AH. If not, there's always that advanced option again, but here goes:

- OK, so anything can be sold, including game gold put on the AH. Gold would probably be a buy, as people could use it, for well whatever from the gold based AH, to repairs, etc. And game gold has sold. So now, getting whatever the going rate is, and selling this, as one has spare gold, one gets money on their account. Now comes up the WoW subscription renewal. But if one can pay from their account (it's already on the account), instead of charging one's AH, it can just be taken off the account.

In essense, Bliz ends up paying themselves for your game time, from money collected from their AH. Course they got the AH cut from your buyer, but essentially (if you aren't thinking of this as real money, but used the rmah to sell it), you got "free" game time, payed for cortiousy of your auctions buyer. Bliz now got their cut, owes you the month's subscription, but isn't collecting that fee from you.

The deliscious irony in this, is it's along the lines of this ep in Babylon 5, when Earthforce decided to charge them rent, or make them move to smaller quarters. Sheriden in the end ended up moving funds from the militaries readiness fund (he was military govenor of the base), and applied it to the rent that Earth-gov hit them up for, essentially making the government pay itself... When Ivoniva asked the basis, he said "on grounds that I'm not ready to fight a battle, if I didn't get a decent night's sleep" Course we don't know how much gold would need to be sold to get the $15 subscription covered (and I certainly wouldn't want to farm day and night, hell I get better pay then $15 in 24 hours at work), but if it isn't unreasonable, ah well, what they hey

- OK, so someone wants the collector's edition. Instead of buying it (if one had the 1 year pass for instance), farm the AH a bit, get some dollars on one's account, and apply it to the game purchase. If bliz doesn't put a stop to that, in terms of how they maneage accounts/attached dollars, same could apply to future games and expansions; again deliscious irony. Well they do get their AH cut, but for your time clicking a mouse to sell excess game gold, you get another game, completely legit based on their own RMAH's system setup.

- Oh, and same could apply to "buying" mounts, character enhancements, realm transfers, etc. Let the AH cover the cost. Hmm, the possibilities, if one wants to be a little enterprising in that. And unlike what all those gold farmers did (and there would be no annoying spams, bots, or anything involved, simply nothing more then the AH they put in the system, and sanctioned the use of, within the rules they set), one is simply using it to buy future games, game time, and the like, directly from them. Payed cortiousy of their own RMAH
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