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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
I can understand your complain about the animations not being unique for each weapon type, that's fair. But I just don't see it being a huge deal for the game as a whole. There were plently of builds in D2 which focused on only one weapon type, even though you could equip other weapons.

In what other ways do you think Diablo 3 is a horrible successor? I have to admit, aside from the cleaner presentation, I enjoy the feel of playing Diablo 3 much more than Diablo 2. Which aspects did they backslide on? Just to clarify, I like that they removed a lot of the level-up aspects of D2, I always felt they were unnecessary, like stat allocation and passive talents. Not that customization is bad, but I felt like once you really learned the game, the cookie cutter builds outperformed anything else, much like in WoW, but you couldn't respec or anything (though I guess you can now since 1.13?).
Why not offer the stats and skills but offer a balance that doesn't make one build stronger then the other? Its possible to make a balanced game, especially how long they are taking with it. It seems to me that they didn't play focus the game enough or atleast didn't want to spend that much time balancing the game and just limit customization to ease the development. I mean they could have streamlined it but offered some customization, much like how Skyrim does it or Amalur does.

I feel the game is too streamlined, the fact that enemies drop globes to restore your mana and health screams "we did this for people who found Diablo 2 too difficult!"
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