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Default Re: Diablo 3 PVP dropped.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Why not offer the stats and skills but offer a balance that doesn't make one build stronger then the other? Its possible to make a balanced game, especially how long they are taking with it. It seems to me that they didn't play focus the game enough or atleast didn't want to spend that much time balancing the game and just limit customization to ease the development. I mean they could have streamlined it but offered some customization, much like how Skyrim does it or Amalur does.

I feel the game is too streamlined, the fact that enemies drop globes to restore your mana and health screams "we did this for people who found Diablo 2 too difficult!"
I dunno, I think it beats the potion-mashing and belt slot management from Diablo 2. The dropped health globes won't save you if you get in too deep anyway, and the usable pots are on a long cooldown. The UI is designed to keep you more focused on the gameplay. It's clear they want each character to be played long-term and not have a virtually unlimited number of builds for each class. Whether or not this was a wise decision is debatable since many people enjoyed rerolling and experimenting in Diablo 2. Ultimately though the game turned into mass cookie-cutter builds with an incredibly convoluted trading system (created by the community, true, but still convoluted) which trivialized the game content and ended up being a stat grind.

Most people who played Diablo 2 didn't get into the crazy trading community and didn't spend a lot of time researching optimal builds or XP running characters. They simply played the game at their own pace and maybe finished Normal before stopping or starting a new character. The Diablo 3 design philosophy lines right up with World of Warcraft, where they want players to be able to get the most out of their class without necessarily having to be real hardcore about it. The question that will determine Diablo 3's longevity is whether or not it's the kind of game which can support an endgame (personally I would say no). Still, it'll be fun.
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