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Thanks you very much for your response Bernhard!

I actually have a copy of the forum conversation you pointed at on the other computer. It was this conversation that gave me the idea of creating a large (7680 x 7680) desktop. I think its xrandr that says that I could do 8192 x 8192. The system actually sees DVI-I-3 and DVI-I-4 which makes things even more frustrating.

What I am finding difficult to understand is that your conversation was from mid 2009 (almost a full 3 years ago). Randr has been promised upgrades for at least that length of time and the Nvidia GLX readme text is from 2006. Somehow I didn't think that what I wanted to do would be so 'out there'.

I just wanted to be able to have a large spreadsheet open (perhaps two screens) then have another spreadsheet open on a third screen and still have a screen to access information that would feed in either of the other two directions. This doesn't totally even work the way I want on the Win7 side.

Having the screen real estate available tells me that I should have had this long ago but I dispair of getting something that isn't a cludge working on any linux variant.

Thank you for your assistance!!!!
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