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Originally Posted by krokodil View Post
Just to throw in my 2 cents:

don't expect this setup being easy,
don't expect this setup being free.

Why? This is a very specialized setup. People needing something like that are either:
Wall St. professionals with lots of money,
construction / engineering firms with money too,
people wanting it and having the money to buy the equipment and time to tinker with it.

I, for one, cannot test your setup. Mine runs (2 monitors on one card). I would have to get another expensive card (ok, I have one), throw it into a computer, reconfigure the comp, get another monitor (only have one and could test a 3 monitor config; would need a 4th to do 4-way testing).

So, conclusion of the above:
you either have the money to pay someone doing it for you,
you have the knowledge to do it yourself,
you have the time to tinker with your equipment and gain the knowledge to do this in the future (and maybe make some money out of this knowledge).
These are the facts and you have to live with them

...before someone starts to flame me being rude: sarcasm intended.
I do hope that I am allowed to respond to your comments.

I see myself as a businessman NOT as a money bags.
I see myself as wanting to use technology not needing to create it.

I am finding that Linux is becoming its own most perfect enemy! Your response above is more than somewhat similar to the RTFM kind of responses that are all to familiar when I wish to USE technology. There seems to be a thinking out there that this technology is unusual. Well - - there were individuals trying it in 2003 (IIRC!!) using dual cards to achieve more than one monitor. Even better - - there are notes that indicate - - - wait for it - - - real soon now for multi-card support dating from 2009. Now if I were using this as a gaming rig there would be no real issues - - I would be running Win7 and I would not be worried about most of these issues. So your comments that I need either deep pockets or a boundless amount of time indicate to me that you think that using a computer seriously as a tool should require those things. As my motherboard is capable of holding a third card you might understand that this level of problems with two cards is more than somewhat astounding to me. I don't mind working on things but having spent well over a hundred hours trying to get this particular aspect working tells me that the idea you present of it taking 'time to tinker with it' shows that you don't value your time much.

If I could actually find someone who would actually be able to devise something for me I would likely be more than somewhat willing to pay for it. To give someone a blank check to have them create a solution - - well - - then I get to own it and its rights. Right now there really aren't even any tools out there to assist in this process. I am not a programmer but I have been trying to read and understand the code that is present in the Xorg files. What I am seeing is that most of the stuff in there is old. There is very little that is less than 3 years old. Xrandr updates have been pushed back at least twice - - why is not clear. Perhaps it is time for a solution that is not necessarily elegant but that is functional!!! Best is often the enemy of good enough.

By the way the idea of multiple monitors for CAD work is something I was reading about in the early 1990's - - so I don't really see what I'm trying to do as 'new'!

So - - do you have any suggestions as to where I could look for ideas to actually implement my ideas?
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